Start An Online Shopping Business In Jamaica | Getting Started

Starting an online shopping business in Jamaica can be challenging and expensive, however, we have created this guide to provide some clarity on how to get started with your current budget!

JW Basics is a growing Online Shopping Company that offers 1 - 2 Business Day(s) Door Delivery on all orders in Jamaica. We feature a rich,

easy-to-use, multi-seller platform, that is geared towards a better buying experience and support for our local retailers. As a Seller on our platform, you gain

access to our Website and our fast low-cost Delivery Network. Start creating your Online Store for free today!

1) Choosing What to Sell

Select a niche or a line of products/category that will bring value to the marketplace and allow your customers to be satisfied with their purchase decision. Ensure that

your products are of the best quality so you can retain customers.

2) Business Registration

In order to successfully create and operate your online store, you are encouraged to register your business with the Company's Office of Jamaica.

Here is a video from Our Jamaica Today explaining how you can easily go through the registration process.

You will need:

  • ID (Voters ID, Drivers License or Passport
  • TRN
  • Business Name
  • Business Registration Form
  • Proof of Address
  • Business Address (Same as Home Address if you do not have an head office)
  • Payment of $2,500 (JMD)

3) Setting Up Your Online Store

You can create your free online store on JW Basics, which requires no web development experience, upfront cost or commitment fees or you can use other popular

CMS' like Wordpress (Free and Paid), Shopify (Paid) or Wix (Free or Paid), which requires a monthly subscription plan.

To start your online store using JW Basics, visit our Website, and Create your account. Once done, select the Become a Seller button, fill-out and submit our

Seller Registration Form. 

Our Team will review your information and contact you for a brief interview, once approved (Normally within the same day), you will be able

to start adding your products that will be ready for sale immediately.

Creating An Online Shopping Business In Jamaica With JW Basics

4) Start Selling, Receive Funds In Your Bank Account & Grow your Business

Creating your online store on JW Basics makes life easier for Jamaican retailers, this removes all the hassle and the extra layer of background work that

is required to set up the infrastructure so more time can be spent on growing your business. Our platform is completely free to host your products, only a small

service fee is charged on a successful sale.

JW Basics

Simplified Online Shopping

April 20, 2020