Currency Preferences

Shopping with JW Basics gives you the flexibility to checkout in your Credit/Debit Card's Currency (JMD or USD). This will allow you to shop comfortably, without the hassle and inconvenience of currency conversion uncertainties.

How does this work?

To update your Currency Preference, you are required to go to the Top Left section of the header, you will see your current currency selection (by default, set to JMD). This will cause all prices to reflect JMD, including Invoices, Cart Totals, Product Prices, etc.

Example product prices


To update your Currency Preference, simply click on JMD and select USD. This will refresh the Website, and all prices will update to reflect the JMD value.

Image of switching the currency to form JMD to USD.

After your preferred currency is selected, the new values will reflect on all Invoices, Cart Totals, Product Prices, etc.

In this example, the currency was switched from JMD to USD


In order to switch back to JMD, follow the above procedures, and make the reverse selections.

Notice: Please note that the values used in this tutorial are for example purposes only and does not reflect the true prices of products or conversion rates.

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