Down Payment Policy

Welcome to our Down Payment Policy

This Down Payment Policy applies to “” and (hereinafter, "us", "we", “our”, "store", "the store", "website", "this website", “”, "", "" or "").

We understand that not all customers may have access to the full amount required to purchase item(s) from our store upfront. To assist our customers

we have launched our Down Payment System, allowing you to pay up to 50% of the price of eligible items and allot two (2) months to complete the payment while we reserve the item.

How Does It Work?

Currently, Down Payment is not available for all products, this could be based on the product price or vendor's willingness to accept down payments.

Step 1

On the product page for eligible items, under availability, you will see this indicator: "Down Payment: $0.00 "

Select the product available options (If any) then select Add to Cart or Buy Now.

Once the product is added, you can add other eligible and non-eligible items to your cart until you are ready to Checkout.

Step 2

Go to the Checkout page, proceed through Step 1 to 4 by entering your Billing Information, Delivery Information, and by selecting the Delivery Method.

On step 5 where you are asked to select the payment method, you will see the below notice:

"Notice: There are one or more items in your cart that are eligible for a down payment.
Do you want to make a down payment? Yes or No"

No is selected by default, keeping the default (No) will require you to pay the full amount on checkout.

Selecting Yes will require you to make a down payment on all eligible items and the full payment of non-eligible items in your cart.

After the payment is made you will be sent the order confirmation email.

Step 3

To pay off the remaining balance, log into your account, go to your Order History and select Pay on the corresponding order.

Selecting Pay will automatically redirect you to the checkout page to complete the order.

Down Payment Rules

  • All items that you pay down on will be removed from our stock listing and the vendor will be asked to reserve the item for a period of two (2) months. During this time, the customer should pay off the remaining balance.
  • JW Basics will not ship items until the full balance is paid over including applicable fees.
  • When there is a mixture of eligible and non-eligible items in your cart, the full cost of the non-eligible item(s) will be charged, while a down payment of the eligible item(s) will be charged on checkout.
  • If checkout contains both eligible and non eligible items, the shipment will be automatically grouped and we will charge one delivery fee, however, if the customer requires immediate shipment of his or her non-eligible items, a separate delivery fee will be charged.

Opting Out

Customers can choose to opt out or cancel the down payment plan and request a refund at any time. 

JW Basics will charge and remove 10% of the product price value at the time of sale as a restocking fee from this amount.

Failure to complete payment

If a Customers fails to complete their payments on a particular product after two (2) months, JW Basics reserves the right to cancel the order and refund the paid amount removing the restocking fee.

Changes to this Policy

Although most changes are likely to be very minor, we may change our Down Payment Policy from time to time, and in our sole discretion. We encourage our visitors to frequently check this page for any changes to our Down Payment Policy. Your continued use of this Service after any change in this Down Payment Policy will constitute your acceptance of such changes. If you do not agree to the new terms, in whole or in part, please stop using this Service.

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Last updated: July 15, 2020