How To Easily Shop Online In Jamaica

Jamaica is recognized as one of the fastest developing countries in the Caribbean by many nations, our close ties with other countries has helped us in many ways to grow our economy.

As we grow into a first world country, with more access to technology, the need to deliver modern day services such as e-commerce is rapidly growing.

First of all, forget what you were told, shopping online in Jamaica, does NOT require waiting Two (2) Weeks for pickup, I will show you how you can easily shop online in Jamaica, and

receive your packages within One to Two Business (1 - 2) Day(s), delivered to your home or office instead.

How To Easily Shop Online In Jamaica

Introducing JW Basics

Introducing JW Basics, Jamaica's very own online shopping platform, where you can shop for the latest in Clothing, Electronics, Beauty Supplies & More, expecting your packages

within 1 - 2 business day(s), delivered to your door  Islandwide.

Amazing right? JW Basics is a Jamaican owned business, with a vision to modernize e-commerce on the island, partnering with local retailers to deliver quality products on time,

at the lowest prices, when you need it the most.

When you shop with JW Basics, you can pay in JMD, USD or e-Gift Cards. You are also able to take advantage of our store credit payment option, if you do not have access to a

Credit or VISA Debit card.

JW Basics is simply Jamaican  Shop Now!

JW Basics

Simplified Online Shopping

May 24, 2020