How to Shop Online In Jamaica Without A Credit Card

For the most part, Online Shopping without a Credit Card is like walking to the store without your wallet and no cash in your pockets.

Credit/Debit/Prepaid Cards allow you to pay for items on a website by entering your card's information including the card owner's name, card number, expiration date and CVV2.

Using this information, the card processor and the bank are able to validate your purchase, and give website owners the go-ahead to ship their products to you.

Example of a VISA Business credit card from First Global Bank and VISA Debit Card from Scotia Bank.


According to the Jamaica Observer, in 2017, it was estimated that there are only sixteen thousand (16000) active credit card users island wide. In that same year the population was estimated to be 2.921 Million people. This means, in the year 2017, there were less than one percent (0.55%) of the population actively using a credit card.

In the recent years, online shopping has become more popular in Jamaica, even with the low number of credit card usage. International companies like Amazon, Ebay and Walmart, only accept Credit/VISA Debit cards, therefore Jamaicans have been resorting to third-party companies and freight forwarders to shop online on their behalf and pay in cash when the item arrives one to three (1 - 3) Weeks later.

We have prepared this blog to explain how Jamaicans can shop online locally with JW Basics, without the use of a Credit/VISA Debit Card by using our Bank Transfer option at checkout.

JW Basics is a locally owned and operated online shopping business, featuring products in Clothing, Electronics, Appliances, Beauty Supplies and more. We offer 1 - 2 business day(s) islandwide door delivery on all orders in Jamaica.

Getting Started

Visit our website and register for a free account (Get a $300 coupon that can be used on your first order when you register), then search for products that you are interested in, and add to your shopping cart.

When you are ready to checkout, select the checkout or shopping cart button in the website header.

On the Checkout page, follow the steps and enter your billing and delivery information, then select the delivery option.

At Step 5, the payment method section, select Bank Transfer.

Check the box if you have read and agreed to the Privacy Policy and Return Policy then submit your order.

An email will be sent to your email address with our Banking Details. The order is then opened for a period of 24 hours until the Transfer has been confirmed.

After the transfer has been made to our account, you are required to send an email to [email protected] with the order number, transaction ID and a screenshot/image of the transfer receipt.

Thats it! We will ship your order immediately after receiving your confirmation email!

JW Basics

Simplified Online Shopping

July 20, 2020