Online Shopping In Jamaica | Facts | Getting Started

For most Jamaicans, shopping online might sound scary, the thought of paying for products over the internet, and not being certain of the outcome can be very much frightening.

This article was written to clear up some of the common misconceptions about Online Shopping in Jamaica and hopefully it can guide you on how to safely shop online, while

providing a few tips on how to validate before making a purchase.

The market of personal convenience continues to grow every day, online shopping makes life easier for individuals as they are able to surf the web for products and have it

delivered to their homes in a short period of time, hassle-free!

According to, "In 2019, it’s estimated that there were 1.92 Billion digital buyers, and eCommerce sales account for 14.1% of retail purchases worldwide."

This number is expected to increase due to the unfortunate outbreak of COVID 19, as more and more persons are advised to stay home and avoid public spaces to stop the spread of the virus.

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Online Shopping In Jamaica

Online Shopping can be beneficial if done correctly, for example, If you work during the day, you might not have the time to visit the Shopping Center (Closes at 7 PM), 

however, you are able to visit your favorite Website (Opened 24/7), browse during your lunch or break time, and place orders for your desired product(s). 

When ordering online, websites collect Personal (Name & Email Address), Financial (Credit Card Information) and Address Information, therefore you should

take extra precautions before surrendering your data.

Below are our Top 7 General Tips that we have gathered for you to make online shopping more fun and most importantly, safer:

1) Validate if it is a legitimate "registered" business that is trading as an E-Commerce Store.

  • Visit the Company's Office of Jamaica's Website, search for the company name, or optionally call their offices: (876) 908-4419 to make a query.

2) Ensure that the website has a valid SSL Certificate.

  • An SSL certificate will ensure that your personal or financial information is encrypted when being transmitted from your web browser to their WebServer(s).
  • This is normally represented by HTTPS on the URL for example
  • Feel free to click the padlock in your browser and look for Connection is secure. This is an indication that the website is encrypting your data.

Online Shopping In Jamaica

When an SSL certificate is not installed or expired you will see Not secure in the web browser or represented by HTTP or H̶T̶T̶P̶S̶  This is a clear indication

that you should not enter your Personal, Financial, or Address Information.

Online Shopping In Jamaica

3) View Product Reviews & Comments.

  • If this is a reputable Website, customers who have previously purchased items will leave reviews about their purchases (Good and Poor Reviews)

4) Social Media Presence & Engagement.

  • Social media is a good way to validate if it is safe to shop online with a particular business as various customers will comment on their posts and leave reviews.
  • If possible, chat with a few of their customers to learn more about their experiences with this business.
  • Check how frequently they post on their Social Media Platform.
  • Are they responsive to questions and comments?

5) Review Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, Delivery Policy & Return Policy.

6) Accepted Payment Methods

  • If Credit or Debit Cards are accepted on the website, it is an indication that they have gone through some form of scrutiny by their Acquiring Bank before approval.

Online Shopping In Jamaica Online Shopping In Jamaica

7) Having Issues?

  • You are urged to report any suspicious activities on your card after your purchase.
  • If your item is not received within the delivery window or the company simply refuses to provide responses to your queries, you can request a charge-back from your bank.

Online Shopping In Jamaica

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April 19, 2020