Online Shopping In Jamaica | 7 Reasons To Shop Online Locally

In our previous blog Online Shopping In Jamaica, we provided a few useful tips on how to safely shop online, even though the basic rules apply to all websites

that you surrender your personal or financial information to, it was specifically geared towards the Jamaican E-commerce Industry and to clear up any misconceptions

(or taboo) with Shopping Online. - Read that blog to see our Top 7 Online Shopping Security Tips.

7 Reasons Why You Should Should Shop Online In Jamaica

Today we would like to provide some valid reasons why you should shop online locally.

Jamaica has a developing economy, and as we want to transition into the position of "The leading Caribbean Country", our citizens would need to play their part for that vision to

become a reality. - A dream is just a dream without a plan - Unknown

Our economy is filled with small and medium-sized businesses, with whom (some) are making efforts to keep up with an ever-changing world and their consumers, alike.

In Jamaica, there are E-Commerce Businesses such as JW Basics, whose main focus is to pool local retailers together under a single known platform to sell their goods to our

people, at the most affordable prices.

In order for the online space to become a success, local support is ever more needed. Below are our Top 7 Reasons Why you should shop online in Jamaica:

7 Reasons Why You Should Should Shop Online In Jamaica

1) Support for your Local Economy

  • Right off the bat, support for your local economy is one of the most important reasons why you should shop online in Jamaica.

          This creates a number of job opportunities for our citizens. According to the Jamaica Information Service, "Small and micro businesses are responsible for

          approximately 33.9 percent employment in the country." Supporting a home-based online marketplace creates jobs for its employees, delivery companies,

          Internet Service Providers and paying local taxes to keep the economy afloat.

2) Faster Shipping Speeds

  • Due to the fact that products are already on the island, you can take advantage of faster shipping speeds to your home or office.

          An example of this: offers 1 - 2 Business Day(s) Door Delivery to any destination in Jamaica.

3) The luxury of Door Delivery

  • The convenience of not having to go into the city to buy goods; This works better for persons who take public transportation.

4) No Unknown or Additional cost to the item

  • Due to the fact that the product(s) are already on the island, this would have gone through Customs Duties, International Shipping Fees etc, therefore stores are able

          to price item(s) inclusive of fees and taxes. - You get a one-time final price that you can budget for!

5) Easy Returns

  • Shopping Online in Jamaica makes returning an item very easy, this eliminates the hassle for international delivery fees, customs duties, etc.

           A recent survey we have done revealed that over 60% of Jamaicans think it's easier to throw away damaged goods than to return it to Amazon or eBay.

6) Flexible Payment Options

  • When you shop online in Jamaica, you are able to take advantage of the flexible payment options available, this means if you do not have access to a Credit or Debit Card

           you can utilize our Bank Transfer Option and also make down payments on eligible items.

7) Pay in your Local Currency

  • Another reason why you should shop online in Jamaica is that you pay in your local currency, immediately you can begin to budget how much you will spend, not having 

          to worry about Exchange rate charges and taxes. This also strengthens the local currency as it is better circulated within the country. JW Basics offers access to both JMD

          and USD checkout, to accommodate our customers with cards of either currency. Learn how you can shop in your card's currency with JW Basics.

7 Reasons Why You Should Should Shop Online In Jamaica

Jamaica is quite far from where it is supposed to be as it relates to online shopping, however, we can play our part by nurturing the efforts to build an online shopping and fulfillment

system beyond reproach.

JW Basics is a growing Online Shopping Company that offers 1 - 2 Business Day(s) Door Delivery on all orders in Jamaica.

We feature a rich, easy-to-use, multi-seller platform, that is geared towards a better buying experience and support for our local retailers. Check out our categories in Clothing, 

BeautyElectronics, and More...

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April 20, 2020