Shop Online In Jamaica | E-Commerce Store

So you have read our reviews made by our happy customers on Social Media, you have browsed our website for a few weeks and have finally decided to make a purchase!

We are very much excited that you have chosen to use our service! This Blog was orchestrated to provide some general tips on how to navigate our website

We will also feature our tips on how to gain access to free coupon codes on JW Basics... Grab a cup of tea and get your self comfortable.

Shop Online In Jamaica | E-Commerce Store

JW Basics was designed to make online shopping very simple, we feature a very easy to use platform that is already compatible with your devices.

We suggest creating your customer account now, so that products in your Wishlist and Shopping Cart can be saved after you close your web browser.

To locate an item, we suggest using the Search-bar where you are able to find what ever you need on our website in seconds!

We are constantly developing our Auto-Suggestion feature which attempts to predict the product that you are searching for, this is shown in a drop-down list under

the Search-bar. This tool will also suggest product names even if the search phrase was misspelt.

Shop Online In Jamaica | E-Commerce Store

If you are still indecisive about the product that you are looking for, you are free to browse our top categories to get some ideas of what we feature on our store.

Shop Online In Jamaica | E-Commerce Store

Once you have made a purchase decision, all you have to do is select your Quantity then use the Add to Cart or Buy Now Button on the Product Page to purchase the item.

Shop Online In Jamaica | E-Commerce Store

  • The Add to Cart button saves the product in your personal shopping cart, where you are able to browse for other products, adjust the quantity, estimate

            shipping fees and apply coupon or gift codes.

  • The Buy Now button or Quick Checkout Button saves the product in your personal shopping cart, then skips the additional steps and takes you straight to the

            checkout page.

On the checkout-page, you will be required to Sign Up or Sign In if you were browsing as a guest. If this is your first time shopping with us, you will be required to add your

billing and delivery address details (This will be saved for future use), select your delivery method and check-out your order. You will the receive a confirmation email with the order

details within one hour. You will also receive frequent updates on your order, via email until your package is delivered (Within 1 - 2 Business Days).

Once your package is delivered, please consider leaving your honest review to help other customers!

Bonus Topic - Coupons

JW Basics is a strong believer in Digital Coupons, customers can gain access to special codes through raffles, online quizzes, social media challenges, affiliates and much more. To

view our Coupon Codes, we encourage you to frequently visit our Coupon Repository for the latest updates. To apply a coupon, ensure that you are logged into your account, and

add applicable products to your Shopping Cart. Once you are ready to check-out, view your shopping cart, go to the "What would you like to do next?" section and select

Use Coupon Code, enter ta valid code and select Apply Coupon. Thats it! The Coupon will be applied to your order and you will receive the applicable discounts.

Shop Online In Jamaica | E-Commerce Store

Shopping Online in Jamaica can be fun, JW Basics is a growing Online Shopping Company that offers 1 - 2 Business Day(s) Door Delivery on all orders in Jamaica.

We feature a rich, easy-to-use, multi-seller platform, that is geared towards a better buying experience and support for our local retailers. Check out our categories in: Clothing, 

BeautyElectronics and More...

JW Basics

Simplified Online Shopping

April 22, 2020